Food Truck Friday

New Direction

When I started this blog the focus was, as the title indicates traveling to other countries via my taste buds and sharing the experiences with any who chose to read it.  Well I am just about out of unique country / restaurant combos and the couple I have left are so much better with groups that I’ll have to do some actual planning to make it happen.  At this point I assessed my choices to be; stop doing the blog, only blog if I come across a new restaurant representing a country I hadn’t done, repeat countries with new restaurants or change the focus of the blog.  I don’t want to stop the blog so that left the others and after evaluating them I decided to serve up a combo.  If I find new restaurant /country combos they get added along with a Tell Me More page.  Visiting new restaurants representing old countries will help fill in some weeks and offer a comparison to the already visited restaurants so that will fill in some weeks.  The new part is an additional focus rather than a complete change and as the title didn’t have spoiler tags you probably figured it out.  I’m going to chase down food trucks and check out what they have to offer so I’ll be looking for meals on wheels, roach coaches, street meat, whatever you want to call them and I’ll let you know what I think.

I couldn’t think of a better way to kick it off than Food Truck Friday in downtown Rock Hill.  I only wish I’d started coming out earlier because there’s only one more Friday left and I will be there.  I got to the area just after 6:00 and parking was pretty easy to find within short walking distance.  There was already a nice group of people there and the live music was going.  Yep, dinner and a show.  They cordon off a couple of blocks around Fountain Park and the food trucks park along the streets.

20160916_182006  20160916_192208

My first stop was the Beer ID & ticket tent because you can’t walk around trying to make decisions on which mobile kitchen is going to be your source of sustenance without a proper drink.  They beer trucks have some local microbrews and some wee little bottles of wine.  My first try was a Beneford Brewery Irish Honey which was quite tasty and kept me going as I walked up and down in a first pass to see what options I was presented with.

After walking the area I decided to start with a couple of Jamaican Me Crazy Sliders from Street Spice.  I got the pictures of the truck but ate the sliders before I remembered to snap a shot.

20160916_183526 20160916_183606

This particular mini burger came with ghost pepper cheese and was on a bed of pineapple slaw and was quite good.  I also got some mac and cheese bites which were the best version of those I’ve ever had.  The outside was a thin crust and inside the cheese was gooey and the noodles were still soft and al dente.  The few other times I’ve tried fried mac and cheese they had been fried so long the noodles were hard and chewy or harder rocklike.

A stop at the beer tent to pick up a truly local Legal Remedy Double IPA and I was walking and enjoying the music and looking for a truck with just a little something to sample and not a full meal.  Hiya did it for me with their fried dumpling special.

20160916_185707 20160916_191402

I got 4 kimchi dumplings and 4 fried chicken baby dumplings (I don’t think they were made with baby chickens).  Both were delicious but the kimchi dumplings paired well with the double IPA.  Overall this was a nice experience and I would certainly encourage any of you who can to think about going to October’s Food Truck Friday, I know I’ll be there.


Calm in the Chaos



It’s been a couple of weeks since the last activity.  One week was due to DragonCon and one to UGA football but I’ll have the blog back on track for a while now.

While in Atlanta for DragonCon hanging out with 70K other folks indulging their geeky fandoms I was looking for a place that wasn’t packed to the rafters with con goers and remembered Truva, a Turkish restaurant I’d visited during a previous con and Turkey was a country I hadn’t done yet.  It’s easy to walk past the place as the signage is fairly muted compared to say the Hard Rock & Hooters just a block away.  When you go in you are directed by sign to ascend the stairs.  The stairwell is dimly lit but they’ve conquered this challenge by placing two battery powered candles on the left and right edges of every other stair.  These aren’t those little tea light flickering candles but those that look like about 4 inch candles with a flickering light.  It’s not an inspiring first impression but once you get in to the restaurant proper it is a nice looking place if also very dimly lit.  Every table has one of those battery powered candles, I assume in this case for ambience rather than safety.  (I hope they’re using rechargeable batteries)

Truva turned out to be just what I was looking for, a brief respite from the crowds and not a line in sight.  It took just a minute looking at the menu and a short conversation with the ethnically appropriate waiter, Ekmel I believe his name was, and I went with the Kuku Sis Kebap.  That’s lamb shish kebabs for those without the benefit of the menu translation.  I ordered a local IPA to go with it that was pretty good but I can’t remember the brand.

Ekmel brought warm bread and dipping oil and vinegar along with the beer. That was a great start to the meal.


The lamb came with rice, grilled tomato & pepper and a green salad.


The lamb was marinated in olive oil, yogurt, garlic and other spices and was very tender and flavorful.  The vegetables were ok but the real meal was the lamb and rice plus the yogurt mint sauce which went down quite well and was just about the right portion for someone who was going to be doing a lot of walking after lunch.  I couldn’t resist finishing off the meal with a nice cup of Turkish coffee.


Nice strong coffee in a fancy little cup or as one friend correctly pointed out a demitasse.  Overall this was a great place to get away from the general nerdery and enjoy a few quiet minutes to plan whether to go see Mideval Mythbusting, visit the Art show, learn how writers figure out how to write alternate history, or just go hang out somewhere and watch all the interesting costumes.