About this blog


Welcome to Culinary-Passport.  The seeds for this blog were planted when I was searching for good breakfast places after moving to Rock Hill.  Part of the reason was to get to know my new town a little better and another part was being a nerdy gamer type it was a quest with a reward at the end.  I started sharing on Instagram & Facebook with the first good breakfast at The Yolk.  After a bit the quest changed  to searching for great hot dogs and sausages.

When 2016 rolled in I decided new year, new theme. Ethnic restaurants.  The idea is to visit a new restaurant each weekend that represents the food of a particular country.

I get to experience new foods and a little slice of another culture without all the annoyance of standing in a TSA line or spending hours in a cramped airline seat.  Another reason this appealed to me was you get to know and understand people just a bit more when you eat their food and variety is truly the spice of life.  So the quest to find new places continues and has a more diverse reward.  I’m going to continue with the Instagram and Facebook postings same day and use the blog for more detailed descriptions of the food and restaurant.

I hope occasionally I’ll have companions on this journey of discovery and will venture outside the Rock Hill / Charlotte area every now and then as well.

I’d also like to say thanks to what I’m going to call the Three Wise Women who encouraged and offered advice at the start to actually begin blogging and to move towards a better looking site.